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Who takes who seriously?

He jumped up and down and made a love gesture outside the window, then turned around and ran to the door. Li Shuo couldn't help laughing. This is Wen Xiaohui, a famous stylist in China. But when they met, he was only in his twenties and had just started his business. Wen Xiaohui was still an apprentice in the studio. They had an affair, but in the end they died because of a madman who could compete with Shao Qun. But for so many years, they have been good friends. Brother Li! Wen Xiaohui ran over happily. Li Shuo stood up and opened his arms with a smile. Wen Xiaohui threw himself into his arms and laughed, "I miss you so much. Do you miss me?" "Of course," said Li Shuo with a smile. "Why haven't you seen me for a while? You're getting smaller and smaller." Wen Xiaohui "Tut": "The longer the younger, what the longer the smaller, where am I small?" Li Shuo giggled and said, "Well, the longer you grow, the younger you will be." Wen Xiaohui is a little older than Zhao Jinxin, but he looks much smaller than Zhao Jinxin, like a student. Wen Xiaohui is touching his face, say complacently: "The family is the skin of 16 years old all the time." Li Shuo rubbed his head: "Yes, it hasn't changed for so many years." Wen Xiaohui was praised so happily that he raised his hand and ordered a glass of wine. Li Shuo handed him the gift box. "I came in a hurry today. I hope you like it." "Wow." Wen Xiaohui opened it and said happily, "Thank you, Brother Li, you are really a perfect boyfriend with 360 degrees and no dead angle." He kissed Li Shuo several times in the air. Oh, yeah? Then why did you confiscate me? Li Shuo deliberately teased him. Oh, blame me for being blind. Wen Xiaohui blinked,interactive kiosk price, "I brought you a gift, too." "What gift?" "Cough, that who, Luo Yi was so to you last time." You're welcome. I made amends for him. I took a pile of wine from his wine cellar. It's all in my trunk. I'll give it to you later. Li Shuo burst out laughing: "Well, this gift is good." Wen Xiaohui stopped laughing, looked at him gratefully and said sincerely, "Brother Li, thank you for all the things and help over the years. Thank you very much." Li Shuo smiled and said,facial recognization camera, "As long as you are good." "By the way, how is Cheng Xiu?"? Did you see him? Speaking of Li Chengxiu, Li Shuo is still a little heavy: "He." Shao Qun used some despicable means, and I'm afraid they will be entangled in the future. Wen Xiaohui sighed: "It's all fate." He did not know what to think of, as if his eyes were covered with a layer of fog, sighing, "Sometimes I try my best to change something, and finally find that it may be doomed, everything is in vain." Li Shuo shook his head: "There was a time when I was very confused. I often thought of the feelings you had analyzed about me. You said I was not devoted enough and sincere enough. At that time, although I listened, I didn't understand it very well. Now I probably understand that both Shao Qun's feelings for Cheng Xiu and Luo Yi's feelings for you are very intense and profound.". However, such feelings are a double-edged sword, full of madness and paranoia, why do I lose to such irrational feelings? I In the end, he laughed at himself: "I just can't understand why I can't deal with emotional problems calmly and peacefully. I have to make a lot of trouble." "People are bitches." Wen Xiaohui shrugged his shoulders. "What makes you laugh, you turn around and forget. What makes you hurt, touch screen kiosk ,outdoor digital signage displays, you can remember for a long time." "There are people who choose not to experience these." Li Shuo shook his glass, "I don't want to experience it. I just want to fall in love with a person based on equality and respect. If one day I can't go on for some reason, I can also have a good reunion." Wen Xiaohui smiled a little lonely: "Brother Li, if you really love someone, you will lose control." "Out of control.." To what extent? "As much as you love him, you can lose control." Li Shuo secretly breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, if as Wen Xiaohui said, at least he can control himself now, at this time a knife cut off all thoughts, is really a wise decision.
Although, in fact, he did not believe that he would lose control for anyone, after all, he had never experienced, Zhao Jinxin has been the most able to stir up his emotions, let him lose his cool, he absolutely, absolutely will not become like Shao Qun. When Wen Xiaohui saw that he didn't speak, he spread out his hands: "I know you don't believe it. In fact, I'm not so sure. After all, people are different. You've always been so rational, and you're still so rational when you're in love. It's good. You always know what you want, and you always know what to do next. If I had half your brain, I would.." That's all right. Wen Xiaohui raised his glass. Li Shuo also raised his glass and touched him: "Xiao Hui, you are smarter and stronger than you imagined. You deserve everything you have now." Wen Xiaohui was stunned for a moment, then made a disgusting expression and said with a laugh, "It's so nice for you to praise people. I really want to call you if I have something to do. Listen to you say that I am more beautiful than anyone else today." Li Shuo also laughed. Li eldest brother, you ah, also do not think Cheng Xiu, take out your natural and unrestrained, the past is the past. Wen Xiaohui poured him wine. Don't worry, I'm fine. "Is it?" But you don't look so good. Wen Xiaohui rubbed the back of his hand and whispered, "Whether I or Cheng Xiu, it's our loss not to be with you. So many people are waiting for you. Hurry to find a better one." Li Shuo smiled: "Don't worry, I'm really all right." He never liked to be pitied, but he clearly saw the kind care in Wen Xiaohui's eyes, the man's self-esteem, he could not help blurting out, "I have a companion recently." "Oh?"? Really? Wen Xiaohui's eyes brightened, "handsome or not, handsome or not?" Li Shuo has some regrets, but the cow has blown out, can only bite the bullet to pick up, he laughed, "quite handsome." "Photos, photos, photos." Wen Xiaohui patted the table rhythmically, called out a few times, and then changed his tune,face detection android, "nude photos, nude photos, nude photos." Li Shuo did not know whether to laugh or cry. He took out his cell phone and turned it over. He found the half-naked photo that Zhao Jinxin had secretly changed to his caller ID picture at that time. "Here." 。


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