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Pirated C Luo

This game against Bellama is a game that can be rotated in a wide range. Bellama is certainly a soft persimmon compared to elimination 16 Portuguese Cup opponents four days later, tentatively ranked sixth in the league, and no one thinks Bellama can cause Benfica any trouble away from home. So Trapattoni not only suspended Ronando, but also left Simao on the bench to watch the game. Only striker Nuno Gomez played. According to the plan, he only needed to play 45 minutes and would be replaced by other players in the second half. Goalkeeper: No.1 Jose Moreira Forwards: No.21 Nuno Gomez (captain), No.35 Luis Horacio Field: No.4 Luis Luizao, No.13 Alcides, No.15 Nuno Assis, No.11 Dieberson Giovanni Defenders: 47 Joe Pereira, 14 Panagiotis Fisas, 39 Ze Joi, 6 Petit The first line-ups, can be said to be Benfica's second team,american hot tub, in addition to a very small number of people are the main players, most of the players are substitutes. There is no doubt about Trapattoni's arrangement. In the next game, Bellama is absolutely the weakest opponent. If Benfica needs to go all out to play this team, then how to win the League championship, let alone the European championship. Chapter 61 in the stands. Ronaldo, Fernandez and several other first-team players who were excluded from today's 18-man squad sat in the front row of the South Stand of the stadium,garden jacuzzi tub, which is next to the bench behind. The first team players are there! Xiao Luo is also here! Oh, he's so handsome! "Hello!"! Ronaldo, are you happy at Benfica these days? "Hi!"! Ronaldinho, you are the pride of Benfica. Don't pay attention to the nonsense in the newspaper! "Ronaldo, turn around and let me take a picture!" "Come on!"! Little Luo! You are the best! Benfica people like you! The fans in the stands greeted them warmly. Of course, the most popular one was Ronando. Almost all the fans nearby would shout at him loudly. The scene made Ronando feel a little proud. This is Europe, and he is just a 17-year-old boy who has just arrived in Portugal for less than two months. Suddenly, not far from Ronando and others, several female fans stood up and sang loudly at the same time. Little Ronaldo! ~ We love you ~ It doesn't matter if you like to go to the bar ~ But please tell us which bar you like best? ~ ~ ~ ~ Little Ronaldo! ~ We like you ~ It doesn't matter if you like to play ~ But will you please take us with you? ~~~~” The female fans swayed and danced as they sang, outdoor spa manufacturers ,endless swim spa, blowing kisses in the direction of Ronando. Wow, cool! It's killing me. Isn't it exposing my shortcomings face to face? Ronando was so ashamed that he quickly lowered his head and dared not look around any more. These female fans really love to make trouble. How can they sing like this? This is not a pot that does not mention a pot. He said that he was like a big young man. The fans nearby laughed happily when they saw Ronando's appearance, and everyone was in a good mood. Fernandez envied: "C Luo, you can be really happy, there are so many girls like you.". Your female fan support is probably comparable to that of Captain Nuno. "Hey, Manuel, are you envious?" "Would you like me to hook you up with some girls?" Ronando quipped. Unexpectedly, after listening to Ronando's words, Fernandez immediately showed a contemptuous expression. Just you? If others don't know, don't I know? You hide out in a club all day, and you meet girls? "Wow cool!"! How dare you despise me as a black charcoal head? On a whim, Ronando looked around, grabbed Fernandez by the neck and pulled his head down. "Tomorrow night, I'll take you to a dance at the University of Lisbon. Do you dare to go?" University of Lisbon! Was it the last time. Fernandez's face was full of surprise.
"Shh!"! Read in a low voice! If the old man knows it, he will be finished! Fernandez quickly read the head, repeatedly raised his thumb, and said: "Good brother!" Which of the two girls was not your girlfriend last time? "Don't think of any of them!" "There is an Angolan girl in their dormitory," said Ronando. Uh I heard that she was as beautiful as the fairy in the sky. I asked them to introduce the girl to you. The fairy in the sky? What's that like? Fernandez looked puzzled. Stupid! Fairy is the most beautiful woman! Don't you understand that? Looking at Fernandez's blank expression, Ronando was very happy in his heart. Yang Xiaotong's dormitory was a suite. There were four girls living in four rooms. In addition to the three that Ronando had seen, there was also a girl from Angola, but a black girl. Just now Ronando was provoked by Fernandez and remembered it. Anyway, Fernandez doesn't have a girlfriend yet. It's no harm to help introduce him. As for whether he would cause trouble if he ran out again, Ronando had already thought of a countermeasure. It's true to concentrate on training, succeed first and then enjoy, but people are not machines after all, and they should be relaxed, right? As long as he is not recognized by others and does not cause trouble, who can do anything to him? He's a player, not a prisoner. No one can say that a player has to train at the club all day. He's the only one in the first team who still lives at the club. As for how not to be discovered by those reporters, Ronando has already thought about it! Last time, he left in a hurry and didn't think about these things. He didn't want to be recognized. Didn't he just make up? If you haven't seen an agent, you must have seen it in the movie,jacuzzi swim spa, right? Put two mustaches on himself, put fake wrinkles on his forehead, and find a pair of glasses to wear. I don't believe those reporters can recognize him!.


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